The Great Tech Race! Mining for ITCOIN

Everything you do at the conference can earn you ITCOIN! Earn points by browsing the site, engaging with exhibitors, joining a conversation in the lounge and attending sessions!  Prizes can be won for those who have collected the most points.


Mining for ITcoin is easy! All you have to do is ignITED with our conference platform! Earn points for clicking different parts of the site AND get special promo codes from vendors, speakers and our conference team to get that ITcoin bank balance building!

YOU can earn ITcoins for:

  • Visiting the conference lobby
  • Attending a breakout session   
  • Visiting a sponsor booth  
  • Attending a keynote/feature speaker  
  • Visiting a lounge   
  • Engaging a sponsor in text/video chat 

BONUS:  Caught you ignITED! 

We have spies and they will be watching you for random acts of ENGAGEMENT! Add something valuable to a lively lounge discussion or ask a brilliant question during a breakout session and if one of our spies witnesses it, they might just send you a code for bonus ITcoins!