Convergence Delivers the Buyers

Convergence Conference delivers key decision makers for K-12 school divisions in Alberta.  

Sponsor the premier education technology conference in Alberta and gain extraordinary access to hundreds of influential technology buyers and education professionals from across the province and western Canada. All in search of new approaches, best practices and solution experts that can help them successfully implement key initiatives using the latest hardware, software and real-world solutions.

Sponsor Registration

We have three levels of sponsorship rather than the 5 or 6 for our past conferences.  We have also reduced the costs recognizing that everything is virtual so contacts with attendees will be different.  That said, here are the basics:

Three levels of sponsorship:

Megabit - $500 (virtual booth, ability to post documents related to services and products, participation in a gamification to encourage vendor-attendee interaction)

Gigabit - $1950 (above features plus embedded YouTube video in booth, live real-time chat tool for interaction with attendees, increased number of available document uploads)

Terabit - $2950 (above features plus Live real-time video chat with attendees, breakout session in the program)

Additional sponsorship options are available with the purchase of the Gigabit and Terabit purchased sponsor group:

  1. 90-second sponsor acknowledgement and video commercial before a breakout session.  $250 per commercial.
  2. Large banner in the conference platform lobby with direct link to booth - $1500.

If you have any questions, please contact Doug Dietz, Executive Director, ph: (587)747-7715, Email: